Flight Risk? New Dallas Ebola Patient Flew Before Diagnosis

Federal officials are tracking down people who were on the same flight as a second health care worker diagnosed with Ebola virus in Dallas. The woman was isolated Tuesday after she developed a slight fever, but she’d flown to Dallas from Cleveland the day before her temperature rose.

Health officials stress that you cannot spread Ebola before you have symptoms, and that people need close contact with bodily fluids to catch it. But they’re nonetheless tracking everyone who was on the flight. “Because of the proximity in time between the evening flight and first report of illness the following morning, CDC is reaching out to passengers who flew on Frontier Airlines flight 1143 Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth Oct. 13,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement.

“The healthcare worker exhibited no signs or symptoms of illness while on flight 1143, according to the crew. Frontier is working closely with CDC to identify and notify passengers who may have traveled on flight 1143 on Oct. 13.”


— Maggie Fox

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