Positive Effects of Masturbation

Even though there are many myths out there, the effects of masturbation are definitely far more positive than negative.

We can talk about both physical and psychological effects of masturbation, which are all overwhelmingly positive.


Become your own sexologist

To know what we like in sex – or what other people like, for that matter -, we have to get to know our bodies first. We have to know how the human body reacts to certain stimuli, what boosts our lust and what stifles it. We can only do this if we explore our bodies with the help of masturbation. When we know what suits us most, we know how to direct our partners in bed as well. It is particularly important for women to know their bodies because they have the most problems reaching an orgasm, much more so than men. If a woman knows exactly what kind of sexual stimulation feels right and what doesn’t feel good, she’ll save a lot of bother to herself and her partner. Any potential disappointment or dissatisfaction during intercourse can also be helped in this way. If men and women know their bodies well, they are their own best sexologists.

The calming effects of masturbation

In a world where there’s stress at every corner, it’s good to take some time to relax. One of the most perfect ways to relax is definitely masturbation, during which you shouldn’t forget to set the atmosphere. Take a scented bath, put on some relaxing music and tune out from the rest of the world. Focus only on yourself and your body. Spoil yourself. Give yourself an orgasm which will make you forget about all your worries. If one orgasm isn’t enough, have another. We promise that this spoiling will get you much readier to face everyday burdens.

Masturbation for goodnight

Forget about sleeping pills, sweet milk and counting sheep. When you’re struggling with insomnia and you can’t get to sleep at night, no matter how hard you try to fall asleep, try getting to sleep with the help of masturbation. Release your imagination and surrender to fantasies, while your hands are wandering over your body. When you have an orgasm, your body will relax and you’ll fall asleep instantly, feeling pleasantly content.

Masturbation prevents cancer

Many research results show that masturbation can reduce the chances of cancer, especially with men. It’s very important they ejaculate and don’t hold their semen in the prostate because in time, chemicals that cause cancer can start gathering. Men who ejaculate five times a week have 30% less chance or prostate cancer, but it’s also important that they don’t have too many sexual partners.

In April 2008, a research study was conducted in the Melbourne Cancer Center under the leadership of Graham Gils. The study included 2,250 men. 1,000 of them had prostate cancer. The age of the people involved was from 20 to 50. They were asked about their sexual habits. After comparing their answers, it was found that men who masturbate more have less chance to get cancer.

Masturbation can help you become a great lover

A man who’ll use masturbation to learn how his body works, can learn how to control his ejaculation. He’ll know how to read the body signs which tell him the ejaculation is coming and this will enable him to prolong it a bit. The most effective and the most common is the so-called ‘stop/start’ technique, which can come in handy during intercourse as well. Through masturbation, a man will learn how to listen to his body, which will make him a great lover in his partner’s eyes.


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