Teen drugged, gang-raped and filmed in east Delhi

NEW DELHI: A 16-year-old girl was abducted, drugged, gang-raped and filmed in the nude by two men in Mayur Vihar. One of the accused is her friend’s brother, cops said. The incident occurred on August 14 when one of the accused, Vivek, met the Class X student of an east Delhi school at a local market and asked her to come home with him as his sister wanted to meet her.

She followed him to his car where Vivek allegedly offered her soft drink laced with sedatives. She soon felt dizzy and Vivek, instead of driving home, took her to his friend Raja’s house.

Vivek and Raja raped her one by one and filmed the whole act with a cellphone camera. When she regained consciousness, the two men threatened to leak the video if she spilled the beans about the act. She shot back, threatening that her family will not spare them. The accused, to look serious about their threat, MMSed the clip to some of their friends. The girl, fearing that the truth would hurt her family’s honour, kept quiet.

But on Wednesday, her father learnt about the MMS, which was circulated by the accused and their friends. The man reported the matter to the police after which a case was lodged. Cops were looking for the duo at the time of filing of this report.


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